Mashpi Amagusa

A Magical Reserve in Ecuador’s Choco Andino Biosphere

A Glistening Green Tanager is truly a bright green


Behold the breathtaking splendor of 24 endemic bird species that call Mashpi Amagusa home.

The endemic Choco Brush Finch eating fruit from a native plant


Immerse in the abundant wildlife including 279 species of birds observed on our property.

The White-tipped Sicklebill is a hummingbird with a beak that looks more like a claw


Witness the daring splendor of birds thriving on our reserve in the threatened Choco-Andino Biosphere.

The Moss-backed Tanager is a handsome bird and endemic species of the Choco-Andino.

A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

At Mashpi Amagusa, we are best known for our birds, often seeing over 100 species in a single day!

The difficult to see Black Solitaire is regularly sited at Mashpi Amagusa

Dedicated Birdwatchers

For those looking to add new species to their life list, our reserve offers unparalleled opportunities.

The Indigo Flowerpiercer is a Choco endemic bird that is a stunning dark blue color with orange-red eyes

Bird Photographers

With many observation points specifically designed for photographers, our lodge is ideal for your next shoot.

The Rose-Faced Parrot, a Choco endemic, is a common visitor to Ecuador's Mashpi Amagusa Reserve

Nature Lovers

Many of our visitors are nature lovers and want to see a wide variety of flora and fauna. We make that happen.

Pristine cloud forest with rising cloud vapor seen from the patio at Mashpi Amagusa Lodge

Day Trips at Mashpi Amagusa

Deeply engage with nature on an introductory tour to our private reserve.

An Empress Brilliant hummingbird perches on the edge of a hand that holds a spray of orange flower blossoms


Interact with our most attractive residents, the iridescent hummingbirds that visit our garden.

A rushing waterfall and shallow pool found at the end of a hike at the Mashpi Amagusa Reserve


Breathe deeply while hiking in pristine cloud forest alive with rushing water, bird song, and elusive mammals.

This pal burgundy orchid with long, trailing petals is likely a Maxillaria longissima


Admire the wide variety of flora and fauna found in the our reserve’s different microclimates.

A colorful menagerie of hummingbirds frequent the feeders of Mashpi Amagusa

Lodging at Mashpi Amagusa

Stay the night at our reserve, falling asleep to frogs chirping and waking to an avian dawn chorus.

All rooms at the Mashpi Amagusa Lodge include comfortable beds and plenty of space for your gear

Comfortable Rooms

Each room is a blend of comfort and style, featuring two plush queen beds. Perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. Learn more about overnight stays.

A delicious salad made with local ingredients from the Mashpi region

Home-Cooked Meals

Celebrate local flavors and tradition with our home-cooked meals, crafted with fresh ingredients sourced in the Mashpi region.

The Mashpi Glass Frog is easy to find in walking distance of the Mashpi Amagusa Lodge

Night Hikes

Search for the elusive Mashpi glass frog and other creatures best seen at night. Only a short walk from our lodge. Learn more about our immersive tours.

The Mashpi Amagusa Reserve is located near Mashpi Lodge in the Western Foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes.